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Welcome to Slate Law Offices 

At Slate Law Offices we take the time to sit down and meet with our clients to determine what they need.  We pride ourselves on our small town hospitality and getting to know our clients as people, not just another "customer".  

We don't use fill-in-the-blank forms (from our years of experience most don't work and many don't apply to Wisconsin's particular laws) and we never skim over the details.  

We take the time to translate your legal needs into language you can understand.  Whether it is creating an estate plan, buying a home, or creating a business, we will explain the benefits and disadvantages of what you can do and put sophisticated legal techniques into easily understood language.  (We have a motto at Slate Law Offices, "If a document is written in legalese, only lawyers can understand it, and that does you no good.")  We try to write all of our documents in plain English so that anyone can read and understand them.  

For over 40 years Slate Law Offices has helped farmers, business owners and families just like yours design an estate plan, buy or sell their homes, farms or businesses, or create a business.  Let us show you how our experience can benefit you.  We invite you to join all of the others who have trusted us as the solution for their legal needs.

Bill and Mark have written a book on the Fundamentals of Effective Estate Planning.  If you would like to order a free copy click on the book.  

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4 evils of estate planning.


Why do we call ourselves, 
Central Wisconsin's Estate Planning Attorneys? 

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