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Most attorneys who practice in estate planning (Wills, trusts, etc...) are transactional attorneys.  That is, the attorney drafts a plan for you and charges you for the cost of the plan.  Once you sign the plan, the "transaction" is completed.  The lawyer closes his file and you are on your own with regards to your plan should the law change, or your plan needs changing. 

What happens if the law changes as it pertains to your plan?  What if your plan changes because of death or disability in your family?  What if your estate planning documents become out of date, or no longer effective due to a change in the law?  For most lawyers their answer is, that's the client's problem, not mine.  These lawyers believe the client needs to keep on top of these changes.  

At Slate Law Offices we take another approach.  We realize that you look to your lawyer to keep you informed of changes in the law.  We also know that as you grow older, your estate plan can change and needs to be updated to reflect these changes.  (Think back 20 years ago.  Is the plan you would have then, the same plan you would have today?)

That is why we have created our Trust Maintenance Program.  (TMP for short.)  Our TMP provides a continued relationship between you and us so we can ensure your plan stays up to date and current.  That way, if the law changes, your circumstances change, or anything in between, we can update your estate plan to make sure it is the best plan.    

Now, we also know that not everyone wants to pay to keep their plan up to date.  (There is a fee for our TMP program.) Therefore, we give you a choice.  When we draft an estate plan for you, you decide.  Do you want to be a part of our TMP and pay an additional fee, or do you want to opt out of our plan and keep your plan up to date on your own?  You decide.

Regardless of your choice (not all clients join our TMP) we will work with you to make sure, no matter what you choose, that your plan is the best plan for you.   

Why join the Trust Maintenance Program?

Our Trust Maintenance Program (TMP for short) is for clients who have created a revocable living trust at our office and want to make sure their plan is kept up to date.  We give our clients an extra level of protection, and added information about, estate planning issues.  Listed below is just some of the things we provide for members or our TMP program.  

What is the cost of the program?
The cost of our TMP is $295 a year.  It is a yearly fee, but you can join, and drop out, whenever you want without penalty.  If you create an estate plan at our office you are not required to join our program.  It is only intended for those clients that want the benefits of the program.   

How do I join?

Contact Mark Slate for more information about our TMP. 

What is included with membership in the TMP?

  • All updates and changes to your estate planning       documents are made free of charge.

  • We will review your documents at least once a year with you.

  • Upon a death or disability, we will place new trustees in charge of your trust, file any Wills and deeds that may need to be done, and give you information on how to create an Inventory.

  • We will assist you in funding your trust.  

  • Keep your legal documents safe and available to send to you wherever you are.  

  • Have your medical documents available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  • Keep you up to date on any changes in the law and update your estate plan to incorporate those changes, so you have the cutting edge of the law estate plan. 

  • Send out a monthly mailing on updates in the law and things you need to know.  

  • Have seminars around the state.     

  • You have access to our TMP webpage with great information that you and your successor trustees can access.  

  • Provide you with a toll free number to call us, at no charge to you.

  • This is not a complete list of benefits.  Call us for more information.